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Attention, all Residents of Serpino! Starting the evening of March 7th and going through the night of March 10th, the city will have a high Zombie alert. Please get to a safe place and guard your gray matter.


Tomorrow night, March 3rd, will be a full moon. :D So watch out for werewolves!

Also, if you belong to a fandom community that allows RP ads, and you feel the urge to advertise Serpino, please feel free to do so. I know we aren't doing much right now. DX There're just so few people.


I just felt the need to clarify, not that anyone was wondering, I don't think. Character journals may be used for both journal-esque entries (like a real LJ), and for RP posts, if you don't feel like using AIM or something. I'm sure we'll be able to figure out which is which, even if you don't label them. X3 So there you are~

Apples! Tire Swings!

So, the mysterious old hag who owns Magpie's Restaurant has decided to throw a little celebration for everyone because she's found a simply superb apple pie recipe ("don't ask what's in it, dearies"). On Friday, come nightfall, she'll have several tables of her and her friends' good apple-y foods set up. The catch? All guests must seat themselves in one of many suddenly-appearing tire swings. u__u Eccentric old women...

So come! Use this as a chance to meet your fellow Serpino-ans. :D (I just hope you don't plan on eating apples again for the next few months.)

Chat: serpinosquare
Event: Get Together Apple Tireswingthing
Time: 5 PM (EST) to Whenever~
DATE: (Real Life Friday, yo~) Feb. 16

EDIT: Also, it might be fun to be in serpinoooc at the same time~

We are OPEN! Yayz.

Finally! We're OPEN!

Since I don't expect much RP to get done tonight (since we'll hopefully have a buttload of applications to look over) how about going to the AIM chat serpinoooc and meeting the other players? :D Maybe you'll figure out just who you wanna RP with first.


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